Our mythological creatures website features creatures from the Fantastic Fabulous Creatures & Beasts series written by Author Melanie Dellas. Melanie takes “real” myths and tales from around the world, and writes them in a way that everyone can enjoy. We hope that children and “big children” remember that our world is still mystical, magical, and full of mythological creatures as long as our stories remain alive!
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The Firebird


Fantastic Mythological Creatures From Around The World

Mythology is very important to our world and I’ve always loved it — so much so, that I’ve taken legends and myths from all over the world and have put them in an easy-to-read format for kids to enjoy! After Volume III, there will be 55 creatures!” -Melanie Dellas, Author

“Melanie’s poems of mythological creatures  are written beautifully for modern society. They are whimsical, fun, spooky, and something that both parents and children get excited about!” -Marc Emmelmann, Creator – Emme Town

Volume I

Fantastic Fabulous Creatures Beasts Volume I


Volume II

Mythology Book For Children


Volume III

Fantastic Fabulous Creatures and Beasts Vol 3


Mythological Creatures Blog

Witch Hunts Begin in Salem

As today, March 1, is the same day that in 1692 the Salem witch hunts began, I am inspired to delve into the subject’s history, originating in Europe in the 15th century and expanding into the Americas; and the suppression of monster worship by European churches...

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The History Behind St. Valentine’s Day

Everyone knows Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the United States on February 14 with candy, cards and flowers. But before this holiday was commercialized, it was based on something more. The day we call Valentine’s Day is named after a Christian martyr dating back to...

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The History Behind the Ouroboros Symbol

My new logo is very special to me on many different levels. Volume III's new illustrator, Ryan Berry, created it for me and, without knowing it, he incorporated the symbol that has always been near and dear to my heart. A symbol I think reflects my life to a...

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The Phoenix

In Europe there lived a glorious mythological bird named the Phoenix, which resembled an eagle and a peacock. Its wings were iridescent, with feathers of red and gold on its body and head, like flames. The Phoenix was a large, elegant creature that fed only on...

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